guarantees a win-winsituation

Our system is directly linked to a number of cooperative banks by STP mode,so that the customers’ orders dock to the international market straightly.

Automatic Trading

Enables the Computer to Make Profits Automatically

Equipped with the world‘s most advanced EA neural network, the system enforce the trading strategies to gain stable profits for customers.

Is Ensure Funds Security

Our Priority

The funds of all the customers are deposited in the world’s top banks such as Swiss banks and HSBC Global Bank. And it is totally separated from the working capital of EFSPFX which is aimed to guarantee the safety of the customers’ funds.

EFSPFX dprovides the world's most advanced computer network and platform to ensure the stable income of the customers.
EFSPFX currently has more than 30,000 registered users,and our daily turnover exceed $ 1 billion.

Foreign exchange

60+ tradable instruments, ultra-low spreads, 100:1 leverage.


Spot Gold, Spot Sliver, other metals (platinum, palladium) Gold/ Offshore CNH Trading.


CFD of Stock index, CFD of agricultural products, CFD of Commodities.

European & US stocks

100+ selected European and American stocks, leverage up to 20, no commissions and fees.



EFSPFX assists retail and institutional investors in using forex and other instruments as an asset class and part of their investment objectives. We strive to offer the best trading platforms with access to low-cost pricing, reliable trading infrastructure, fast execution and exceptional client support. EFSPFX offers direct access to multiple destinations of liquidity in the forex markets without the usual burdens of a deal desk that had previously been unavailable to the retail investor.

EFSPFX currently has more than 30,000 registered users and executes more than three million trading orders monthly. Our total monthly turnover exceed $ 20 billion.

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Our advantage

Funds are deposited in banks like Swiss Bank and HSBC. For fund security, all clients’ funds are kept in world’s top Banks such as Swiss Banks, Citibank and HSBC,and they are strictly separated from company’s operation capital.

Swissquote Bank & LMAX Exchange. Swissquote Bank and LMAX Exchange provide the fastest liquidity support, all customers’ orders directly submit to international market within 20ms.